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in der Klausur kamen 2 Texte vor, die schonmal gepostet wurden. Alte Texte durchgehen lohnt sich also.

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the founding of the European Economic Community in 1957 was a momentous event. Today's Europe is the largest expanse of peace and widely shared prosperity in the world. It is perfectly true that the E.E.C. — as it was called in 1957, the European Union as it is now — is not solely responsible for that happy outcome. After the carnage of World War II, it was as much American minds and muscle as European ones that determined that Europe needed new institutions binding nations together if it was to avoid the catastrophes of war. Indeed, NATO and the Marshall Plan, both hatched in Washington, predated the E.E.C.'s precursor, the European Coal and Steel Community.
Yet for all that, the decision in 1957 by six nations to pool sovereignty in multinational institutions marked a decisive break with the past. As it became apparent that the E.E.C. worked — that common markets provided the sort of stability in which economies can grow — so its appeal spread. Soon, everyone with a claim to be European wanted to join. With the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, the time was ripe for a dramatic expansion of the E.U. to the east, and gradually, that happened.
The E.U. has spawned admirers — how could it not? — but not imitators. No other multinational grouping — not Mercosur in Latin America, not asean in Southeast Asia — has anything like the powerful institutions of the Union. Europe's history and geography, it turns out, are unique. Its nations are small enough and close enough to understand each other and have shared values; but at the same time, all of Europe lived through such horrors in the 20th century that its nations' postwar leaders needed little convincing of the virtues of cooperation. In Europe, nationalism has a bad name; in much of the rest of the world, where the memory of colonialism is still fresh, it is a source of pride and identity. Though Americans were midwives to the E.U.'s birth

D - Eng ... tungen-usa

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Hallo zusammen

es kam der Text zur DDR dran (Englisch)
Im zweiten Text ging es darum mehr Frauen in Führungspositionen zu "hieven". "Männer dienen in Bewerbungsrunden nur noch als Sättigungsbeilage".
Im Text standen sehr viele Zeitwörter: Heutzutage, neuerdings, eine Weile, vor kurzem...

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